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A Foaming Mouth No Excuse For Treatment on the NHS

LONDON - England - Having a case of fatal rabies is no excuse for treatment on the NHS news reports have revealed.

What does it take to get treatment on the NHS? it seems even if you are in the latter stages of rabies, it is still quite hard to get a doctor to see you, let alone treat you.

“Rabies? Take two aspirin and a cup of tea and you’ll be fine in the morning,” Dr. Rajah Chakrabati, of the Royal Holloway hospital told the Daily Mail.

That’s exactly what they told that poor old woman who was bitten by a dog and contracted rabies in India last week and was sent home twice from A&E when she arrived in Britain.

Sadly after pleading with doctors and GPs numerous times about her condition, her fate was sealed as she was sent home and told to forget about it.

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