Spectacular Chinese Olympics Ceremony Triggers Off World War III

BEIJING - China - The opening ceremony for the Beijing Olympics has been so amazing and so far reaching that it has actually triggered off World War III.

“I’ve never seen firework explosions like this. I mean here I am in Georgia and the Olympic ceremony in China has come to visit us here too. Amazing stuff,” Giorgiou Kolokov a resident of Tbilisi, Georgia told CNN from his hospital bed.


“The Chinese Olympic ceremony was so spectacular and amazing that we are all now on the brink of World War III,” an excited commentator for Australian tv network Grundy said during the opening ceremony.

The coordinated robotic movement of thousands of Chinese performers during the ceremony proves that totalitarian states really do know how to control their populations well. There was certainly no sniff of any Tiananmen Square-like dissent amongst the heavily controlled lemmings on display here tonight.

“I watched the Chinese synchronized hive mentality for the opening ceremony and was in awe at the level of mass brainwashing that was evident. A truly remarkable feat of mass human control systems these Communist Chinese controllers employ on their people. If only we could utilise just 1% of their mind control techniques on our comatose populations,” one of the world leaders from a nondescript European country quipped during the opening ceremony.

The Chinese opening ceremony in Beijing was the cataclysmic signal for worldwide war to commence. Already Israel is preparing a massive bombing campaign of Iran which promises tp coat the Middle East in radioactive particles for many centuries. The Americans are upping their occupation of more oil rich Middle East lands and are also gearing up to join the invasion of Iran with their Zionist friends. Russia is increasing its territorial lands with the invasion of Georgia.

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As the fake fireworks of Beijing were beamed off to four billion people worldwide via visual trickery, the Russian missiles burst through the air landing on Georgian houses in spectacular explosive light shows of destruction.

The spirit of the Olympics is one of peace and human harmony. With the Chinese Olympics, we are seeing an era of war and terror opening up and culminating in an apocalyptic crescendo of fire.

Amongst the poisonous atmosphere of Beijing there seems to be little air of hope, instead we are reminded of the futility of human existence, especially under a brutal totalitarian state that is polluting and raping its own country and people for nothing.

The Chinese Olympic ceremony has performed a very important function: it has proved that the post-democratic world of overt scientific totalitarian rule, which we are all to be part of very soon, will be modelled on the Chinese experiment.