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London Olympics Posters Unveiled

LONDON - England - The British Olympics Committee have unveiled the posters that are set to entice Olympic fans from all over the world to the 2012 Olympics.

“London is ready for the 2012 Olympics and the authorities want to entice athletics fans to the capital from all over the world,” Mayor Boris Johnson said from his luxury villa in the Maldives.

The new posters will showcase the diversity of London’s cosmopolitan streets.

“These posters will be put up on burning double-decker buses, shattered bus stops, and even taxi cabs gutted by fire bombs,” a British Olympic official told the BBC.

Athletes who will compete in the Olympics were also enthusiastic about the new posters.

Andy Molotov, a Triathlon athlete said: “As you can see from the posters, there is a lot of fire there to make the olympics in the U.K. heat up and explode with success.”

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  1. Hi I'm from Wisconsin and have now canceled our trip to London where we had booked for the 2012 Olympics. My family is not safe in those conditions.

  2. Confusion in Tottenham this morning, as the blacks who torched a post office at the weekend turn up wanting to collect their benefits.

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