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Labour's Children Are Revolting

LONDON - England - As the smouldering wreck of the capital city is unveiled by the morning sun, the carnage of the previous nights festivities are uncovered for the whole world to see.

Labour’s children have shown that they are dissatisfied; and as wrathful as a venomous vengeful viper that has been ignored for too long in the corner of a filthy council flat, they have lashed out and bitten the hand that feeds them their dead stinking rats.

I hear the Labour-ite mantra coming from the flames and smoking pyres that used to be London, the voice of some piece of shit Labour minister shouting “Education, education, education.”

Of course, whoever uttered those words did not mean one thing about what they said, they never meant education of the masses, they meant dumbing down.

Labour brought in the instant x-factor generation, the benefits culture, the dumbing down of grades and education, financial encouragement of the sub-culture to breed, the creation of the chav culture that has gripped the countries under-class the length and breadth of Britain.

These creatures, created by thirteen long tortuous years of Labour hell, have finally been released from their cages; their dens where they do nothing but play their consoles, smoke drugs and dream about the next pair of trainers they can steal.

The benefits culture which was increased to unprecedented levels by the Labour government has suddenly been taken from under the feet of the sub-human underclass and they are f*cking angry.

“They had thirteen years of Labour giving them disability benefits, unemployment benefits, safari trips, anything these people wanted, and when the new coalition government came along, these things were all reduced because the coffers were empty. Instead, they were told to get a job because Labour had spent all the money. Of course, they will never work. You tell someone who can barely read or write, has no comprehension about anything, to go and work for a living. You’ll be lucky to not get a good kicking. These riots are because the chav and Afro-Caribbean underclass have had their benefits reduced,” a scared Tottenham resident told the Evening Standard.

By day they slink back to their lairs and count their nightly takings on their unholy shopping trips, watched by the powerless police, angry that their gold-plated pensions have been tampered with. They have iPads now and trainers galore, as well as computer games, pilfered booty, they inhale the smoke from their skunk weed and wait until darkness comes again.

The ineffectual corrupt British police have stood by and fanned the flames, only too happy to see the destruction unfold in front of their visored eyes.

“Let this be a lesson to all those in the government who think about cutting our enormous gold-plated pensions and front line services. If you do that, when we have our special Masonic meetings, we arrange for certain things to happen. We will thus stand by and watch you all burn in your homes and businesses. How safe do you feel now? These mobs can flare up anywhere they want, they will take and burn what they want,” a policeman wrote in the Times.

As the blind politically-correct politicians slowly awake from their slumber and their luxury holidays, the rioters continue their unfettered reign, where the only punishment they may receive is a slap on the wrist and an ASBO trophy to put on their booty laden mantle pieces.

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  1. Good Lord, I never felt this unsafe when Labour was in power! The police are useless, and even more so due to tory cuts. Camoron, step down!

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