Arab Spring British Summer Fling

LONDON - England - As Western governments openly encouraged twitter and social network use in Arab countries during the Arab Spring, now they are trying to shut off the same networks they were encouraging so fervently.

It’s the final hypocrisy, that the same people who were actively encouraging Arabs to riot against their governments recently, are the ones who are in a very similar mess now and are trying to shut down the same social networks in the U.K.

Britain has always prided itself on freedom of thought and speech, however, thanks to the recent riots, things are about to change drastically.

Already, press freedom in the U.K. has now been limited due to the dalliances of the Murdochite criminals in charge of some nameless newspapers, so the reduction of freedom on the internet will be the next target by the government after the recent riots.

“It’s as if they encouraged these riots so that they could clean up with increasingly draconian laws being brought in. First you create the problem, then you create the public’s reaction, then you come in with the solution,” David Bike, a journalist for the Independent reported in his weekly column.

To create an effective police state one must first have the incidents to create a reaction amongst the fearful public.

“The police would never have a job if there was no crime, just like the doctors if we were all healthy and well. For them to be in business, they need crime and ill health,” a bystander at a recent riot told the BBC.

When you saw the police standing around during the looting, they were doing nothing for a very good reason.