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Sochi Lesbians Kiss on the Slopes

SOCHI - Russia - The Winter Olympics got off to a racy start with some icy tonsil hockey that would melt even the frostiest Russian bigot.

Somali Olympic Sailing Team Runs Into Trouble After Shooting and Hijacking...

DORSET - England - The Olympic sailing event got off to an eventful start yesterday when the Somali team tried to board their opponents' boat.

Supergirl Chinese Swimmer Can Fly As Well

LONDON - England - After wowing Olympic audiences with her swimming prowess that defied all laws of physics and human biology, Ye Shiwen, has shown audiences that she can fly as well.

Cardboard Cutouts to Fill Empty Olympic Seats

LONDON - England - Cardboard cutouts will be used to act as temporary placeholders in premium seating at Olympic events, as organisers attempt to avoid the spectacle of empty seats at venues.

London Olympics Will Leave Glorious Legacy of Debt and Decline

LONDON - England - Holding the Olympics in Britain as it is sucked under by huge trillion pound deficits is another nail in the coffin for the UK.

Preparations Nearly Complete For London Olympics

LONDON - England - The 2012 Olympic venue is nearly ready for the opening ceremony later on this month.

Boris Johnson and David Cameron Attend Opening of Greco-Roman Olympic Wrestling...

LONDON - England - Fresh from the Wimbledon mens tennis final, the two politicians were at the ExCeL Centre to show off their Greco-Roman wrestling skills to everyone today.

London Olympic Athletes Threaten to Strike Over Pay

LONDON - England - British athletes on Saturday raised the threat of industrial action during the Olympics after voting to strike if they do not receive a £500 bonus for competing in the Olympics.

British Olympic Flame Carriers Pass On 1936 Nazi Olympics Tradition

LONDON - England - The Olympic flame carriers of today who go from city to city in the UK are carrying on the tradition which first started in the 1936 Olympic games hosted by Hitler's Nazi regime.

Greek Olympic Torch Making Its Way to London Games

ATHENS - Greece - The flame that will burn during the London games was lit at the birthplace of the ancient Olympics on Thursday, heralding the start of a torch relay that will culminate with the opening ceremony on July 27.

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