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London Olympics Will Leave Glorious Legacy of Debt and Decline

LONDON - England - Holding the Olympics in Britain as it is sucked under by huge trillion pound deficits is another nail in the coffin for the UK.

In a few years, the Olympic legacy will be a rusting pile of junk in the East End; deserted, only populated by homeless people living amongst the rat infested Olympic monoliths which were built with billions of pounds of taxpayers money.

“This money should have gone to saving the UK’s economy, instead it was wasted on stadiums and buildings which will be too expensive to run and fall into disrepair soon enough. Just look at what happened to Greece after it held its Olympics. Look at their stadium now and their economy. So too will Britain, in the last days of its decline, fall into a deep depression after the curse of the Olympics has set in to the weed encrusted concrete,” an East London man told the Guardian.

There are winners though. How about the bloated slimey Olympic officials who accepted Rolexes, top of the range Mercedes cars and luxury apartments on the Cote D’Azur? How about corrupt former runner organisers who are now revelling in overflowing bank accounts from kickbacks and savoury offshore payments?

This is the reality of the wasteful Olympics. The ordinary people were forced to pay for something they did want or need, just as they were forced to watch the wasteful useless Queen’s jubilee which cost the taxpayer £3 billion, so too will the Olympics be another nail in the coffin of the sick man of sick Europe.

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