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Sacha Baron Cohen New Jewish Character For Movie

LOS ANGELES - USA - The comedian, who is most famous for portraying minority group characters is now going for gold with his latest role in his new movie called 'Kosher'.

“I’ve been making fun of every other race and religion apart from my own, so I felt compelled to get out my Jew cap and play a crazy rabbi who goes back to the Holy Land and brings peace to the whole Middle East by exterminating all the Arabs. I researched my story by going back to basics, hanging out with my friends and family, and especially all the studio executives, producers, money men and media moguls,” Sacha Baron Cohen told the LA Times.

It is one thing making gentiles laugh but another making Jews laugh, and that is why Cohen has pulled out all the tricks of his comedy trade for this new flick.

“I made fun of Kazhakstanis, Gypsies, Gentiles, Negroes, Chinese, Gays, Americans, English, Arabs, Muslims, pretty much everyone I could find apart from Jews and Israelis. OK, there are a few moments in the Borat movie, but this new movie is dedicated to taking the piss out of Jews. Of course, I can do it, because I’m a Jew, just like Larry David does it so masterfully. If any goyim does it, they are immediately pounced on. Oi Vay, This will be my masterpiece,” Cohen told Screen magazine last week.

The opening scene for the film shows Sacha Baron Cohen’s character looking up at the 120 foot high concrete wall separating Gaza from Israel. He then starts to rock back his head, back and forth, just as is the custom at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. This is the new Wailing Wall.

The new Sacha Baron Cohen film will premiere in Jerusalem in February 2013, before general release across the world.

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  1. 120ft (35meter) high separation wall, I don;t think so. May be 12ft, yes that's more like it

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