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New Batman Movie Quite Violent Say Moviegoers

DENVER - COLORADO - The latest installment of the Batman franchise is quite violent according to cinemagoers across America.

“Let me tell you, I felt the bullets whizzing past my head in the movie theatre as the gun fights erupted all over the fricking place. If you want to go and see a film that will have you limping with shrapnel afterwards, this is it. Five stars all the way baby,” Jon Neumonic, 21, from Denver, said on a local radio station film review show.

Another cinemagoer said: “Quite a lot of people get shot in the movie. I’m just glad it wasn’t real, otherwise it would’ve been damn scary.”

“I’ve never seen so many guns. I was expecting some kind of plot to the film but could not find it through the clouds of gunpowder smoke everywhere,” Sarah Toushine, 28, told CNN.

Let us hope that when the new Batman film is released in the UK it won’t be so violent.

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