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Caitlyn Jenner Training For Olympics

LOS ANGELES - USA - Kanye West's mother-in-law Caitlyn Jenner is training for the Olympics this summer and she's raring to win some serious gold medals in the Decathlon.


“I’m going to show the world that girls can do things just as good as the boys,” Jenner said at her training circuit in Beverly Hills.

Caitlyn Jenner has a gruelling training session and gets up at three in the morning to run. The Decathlon is a serious event, and to compete with the best, she has some great trainers to help her.

Along with the shot put, long jump, high jump and pole vault, there’s the 1,500 metres which really is the test that will count.

“I have a lot of upper body strength especially for the shot put. I’m getting 13.80 right now but hope to stretch it to 14.40 by the end of summer,” Jenner told reporters.

To prove his strength in the event, Jenner picked up a female reporter and threw her across some grass, the CNN reporter took the display in her stride and whooped with joy at the playful act.

Team USA has a real winner in Brazil this year and the bets are on for Jenner going for gold.

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