Biden: 70 Percent of Americans Could Be Banned From Owning Guns

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Seventy percent of Americans may not have a choice on gun ownership soon, as Obama's executive orders slowly kick in to gear.

Seventy percent of Americans are using prescription painkiller and anti-psychotic drugs. Under newly introduced executive orders presented by president Obama, this would deem seventy percent of America’s population as illegible to own guns through mental illness filters and restrictions.

According to vice president, Joe Biden, the Second Amendment of the U.S Constitution Bill of Rights ‘says that you can limit who can own a gun’.

“If you’re popping pills every day to get by, you are effectively¬†classified as mentally unstable, because you can’t cope with life without your mental medication. People who take prescription drugs are also liable to exhibit unhinged behaviour as these pharmaceuticals permanently alter the brain’s chemistry,” an adviser and physician working with the Institute of Drug Classification in consultation with the Obama adminsitration revealed on Tuesday.

It’s not just prescription drugs which also could meddle with gun ownership, drugs like marijuana and any other recreational drug use would also limit gun ownership.

“People who take recreational drugs, and alcohol are¬†also classified under this ruling, and would thus also be restricted in gun ownership. If you take prescription drugs and also use illegal drugs, you got double jeopardy there. You are skewed mentally, under the influence of multiple drugs, and we can find these substances in your blood even after abstinence. If you own a gun, we will revoke your license, if you want to purchase a gun, you will be refused,” the physician added.

Mental health evaluations could now become mandatory for all citizens within the United States, a leading legislator in Washington is advising. If this is the case, 90% of the U.S. population could be banned from owning guns.