What Churchill Really Thought of the European Union

KENT - England - Sir Winston Churchill, the man who was beloved by the British people for his role in World War II and the Islands he helped to save from the Nazis is now much removed from the land he knew.

On the one hand, there are the Euro-sceptics, and on the other are the pro-EU people, so what did Churchill really want to happen in Europe post-war?

Contrary to belief, Sir Winston Churchill was for a global government, and he specifically wanted a union between France and Britain in forming a European Union. However, what was envisaged as an Anglo-Franco union by Churchill in his speech at the Albert Hall in 1947, has never materialised. We instead have a Franco-Germanic union within the EU, for they are the core players with Germany at the head. To this end, these two entities have chosen to isolate Britain, to flood these islands with millions of people from inside and outside of Europe and cause the country’s essential services to buckle with the strain. Churchill would not have been happy to have seen the deterioration in Britain we are seeing today, caused mainly by the Franco-Germanic alliance working against Britain and trying to destroy its sovereignty and democracy.

Nearing the time of his death, Churchill was sad about the decline of the British Empire, especially the loss of India, but the spectre of a Soviet threat was analogous to the desire to create a counterpoint to the threat from the East.

Churchill’s political stance wavered many times, at one time joining the Liberal Democrats, and then returning to the Conservative party, and so his attitude towards the EU would have equally wavered if he was around today, and witnessed what ‘union’ has done to modern day Britain.

Europhiles within Britain will oft quote Churchill when espousing the positive points of the European Union, however they do not understand the man at all or the times we are in at this very point.

Where do we stand? We are not members of the European Defence Community, nor do we intend to be merged in a Federal European system. We feel we have a special relation to both. This can be expressed by prepositions, by the preposition “with” but not “of”—we are with them, but not of them.

Sir Winston Churchill – Commons speech 11 May 1953

The Middle East is in turmoil, millions of refugees are flooding to Europe and the threat from Russia has not dissipated despite the fall of the Soviet Union. We are in fact, in a state of (proxy) war, and Churchill, if he were alive would have addressed this issue with great volition. Instead, our current leaders are caught in the headlights, they are preoccupied with their project of union, when this project is being attacked daily from multiple angles. To have union, you must have peace, prosperity, of which we have none, the world is instead on the brink of economic collapse and war.

If Churchill were alive today, he would abhor Cameron’s vapid, duplicitous misleading stance, and he would balk at the way the British citizens themselves are being treated, not only by the EU, but by their own politicians. To ignore the people is to ignore political office, and to ignore what is going on in the Middle East is a death sentence for all civilisation. Cameron is weak, he is not an International thinker but a man only concerned for his minor role in sealing his tenure as leader of the Conservative party and his reputation.

The disingenuous workings of the pro-EU lobby in selling off Britain will backfire, the British people do not want this EU mess, simply because it is not what was sold to Britain. European union should mean prosperity, not poverty, Soviet collectivist doctrines, overcrowding, flooding of benefits seeking migrants, ludicrous diktats and a totalitarian expensive shambles ruled by unelected overpaid profligate technocrats.

Britain will always embrace the open sea, but why should it embrace imprisonment in a union of disunion? That is what the EU is now, it is falling apart, an almighty clutter that has lost its vision, led by idiots, megalomaniacs and freeloaders.

Did the real spirit of Britain die with Churchill? We shall find out soon enough..


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