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World War II: David Cameron Would Have Collaborated With Germany Say Historians

OXFORD - England - David Cameron would have collaborated with the Germans in World War 2, a team of historians have revealed.

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Historians from the Institute of History have analysed the manner of the current British Prime Minister and have come to a solid conclusion that if he was around at the time of World War II, he would be collaborating with the Germans to take over Britain.

“Every speech that David Cameron does regarding Europe and the EU now is one that effectively gives away Britain’s sovereignty. It is therefore quite probable and accurate to say that he would have had no qualms about selling off Britain to the Nazis during WW2,” professor Dean Arkwright revealed in the analytical research paper.

Collaborators with the Nazis during the war were not looked upon kindly as were other sympathisers of the Nazi regime.

The full study and its findings will be revealed after the EU referendum which may or may not be held this year.

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  1. Is this not treason? If Cameron had done what he is doing in 1941 he would have been hanged from the neck until dead. Cameron is a treasonous traitor to his country. A pox upon him.

  2. David Cameron will go down in history as a horrid traitor to the British people. A snivelling yellow pus bucket. He will live with that thought for the rest of his sordid days.

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