Celebrity Big Brother Electric Chair Will Be Announced Next Week

ELSTREE - England - Celebrity house guests for Celebrity Big Brother's umpteenth episode are set for an electrifying time as producers introduce a real electrical chair to the reality show.

Dan Croft, one of the producer’s for the Channel 5 Celebrity Big Brother show says that participants will have an electrifying time next week when a real electric chair is introduced in the house.

As of yet, there are no concrete details about how the electric challenge will go but Croft has revealed a few bits of info that may sate the diet.

“We had to consult experts from America about the chair. It is an original electric chair used against convicts in the 1950s and will administer real electric shocks to the participants. Our legal experts also were consulted as well as the agents of the celebrities. The electric shocks they will receive will not be life threatening but give enough voltage to sear their hair and skin, so it is a serious challenge,” Croft added.

This year’s CBB has no one of any value participating, therefore nothing has changed since previous years.