Multiculturism OK In Britain If You Win Gold Medals

LONDON - England - Outside the Olympic stadium they may get spat at or verbally abused for being of a different ethnic group, but ethnic athletes who win gold medals for Britain inside the stadium are praised and cheered.

“Just before I got to the stadium on the tube, a woman spat in my face and called me a ‘foreign scum bag’ and told me to go back to where I came from,” Jessie Abdellah, a British-born athlete of Yemeni origin told the Daily Mail.

Ms Abdella, 23, then went on to win two gold medals and a bronze for Britain, and was praised for her dedication to British athletics.

“If she had not got any medals at all, of course, the story would be quite different, but she’s one of us now,” Tony Wallis, a commentator told the Olympics BBC coverage team during the Sunday marathon races.

Welcome to multicultural Britain, where the gold medals will make you less hated for all of two minutes.