Experts: Zika Global Delivery Will Accelerate After Brazil Olympics

RIO DE JANEIRO - Brazil - What better way for global delivery of  deadly Zika virus than to have representatives from the whole world congregate in an infected area like Brazil, then after the Olympics to all go back home.

For Zika, this is the best conduit for claiming new territory, and the 2016 Olympics will surely accelerate the spread of the virus worldwide.

Naturally the authorities on the ground are saying there is no threat, and this is the recommended response to a virus that has spread now to the continental United States in Florida.

Mothers who give birth to Zika babies in Brazil are shunned and rejected by their own families, as well as silenced by the Brazilian authorities.

Zika remains in sperm for a prolonged period, and even though the virus may not show up elsewhere, it can be transmitted months after the host is infected.

Nations participating 207
Athletes participating 10,293 confirmed (more than 10,500 expected)
Events 306 in 28 sports
Opening ceremony 5 August

The inevitable spread of the virus will become a global test post-Olympics but may be a much needed respite from over breeding in third world countries.

If there was any sign of responsibility, the Brazilian Olympics would be cancelled, however there is too much money at stake for such a thing to happen.

The corporations would rather the globe become infected with Zika than to cancel their lucrative deals.