Trump Mail Order Bride Melania NYPost Nude Extravaganza

NEW YORK - USA - If it ain't bad enough having an Eastern European mail order bride, how about getting her fully nude pictures plastered all over the New York Post newspaper for all to see.


Not content with capitalising on Melania’s blatant verbatim plagiarism of Michele Obama’s speech, the chink in the Trump armour seems to be his wife.

Democrats do not seem to care about non PC sexism when it comes to exposing the body of a rivals wife, and yes there is an element of hypocrisy here as well, but when it’s election time anything goes.


Yes, you can see Melania’s chuff, and you can see her pert breasts with nips that look like walnuts, bronzed up and ready to go. The additional photos showing Melania in sapphic embrace also endear the viewer to the potential FLOTUS.

Imagine having a first lady like that, where you already have seen every inch of her quivering body.

For an old fat rich man like Donald Trump, his mail order bride ticks all the boxes, especially in the body department.

“She has this kinda Transylvanian accent. I can imagine Trump handing her his American Express Gold card and with his fat podgy right hand gently directing her head downwards,” one Democrat quipped.

If Donald Trump can get out of this one, kudos to the man, that means sleaze comes to the White House. He will deck the place out in gaudy gold plated furniture and his mail order bride will be draped over the furniture as an adornment worthy of a multi-millionaire classless loudmouth thug.

Here’s to Trump…and his wife.