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Greeks Will Refuse to Pay Back Money to EU

ATHENS - Greece - The spending splurge is over, and now that it is time to pay up, the Greeks refuse to clear their debts.

In less than seven years, Greece spent 600 billion euros loaned to them by the EU, and now that the money is gone and they are told to pay back the money, they are refusing to pay.

“What I want to know is, where did the money go? The population of Greece is just under 19 million people. Every person in Greece should be driving around in a Ferrari or Lamborghini. Something is very wrong here,” Christos Palamputa, a Greek radio DJ in Athens said on his weekly show.

One only has to look at the Athens subway to see how some of the money was spent, with even the cleaners getting 60,000 euros per annum to turn up for three day working weeks and receiving vast pensions when they retire at 45.

What about the massive corruption in government, or the huge pension schemes, or the massive subsidies handed down for empty fields growing nothing? All of this, with only a few people paying tax adds up to an unsustainable mess which is not conducive to a healthy euro currency.

“It is imperative that Greece leaves the euro currency, if the euro is to survive. The Germans will make sure of this. If the austerity party wins, there is no point, because no one pays tax in Greece. If the left wing nutcases win, Greece is out as well. We need to be prepared for a disorderly exit, and massive contagion in Italy, Spain and Portugal. Once the Greeks are chucked out, then the banks in those countries will immediately start transferring all of their euros to German banks, creating a massive vacuum. There will be protracted anarchy within the Greek region as all ATM machines and shops will close indefinitely. The French and German banking system could very well collapse under the strain, and as for the UK, this will trigger an immediate EU referendum where the UK will exit the EU altogether. Because of the industry and banking ties to Europe, this will be a heavy blow for our economy and we will have to find other places to do business with. If things escalate even further, we could have war in the Balkans, possibly with the Greeks trying to attack Turkey and other countries bordering their anarchic mess of a country,” James Arbuthnot Wilkins, Investment banker for Albright Sentinel told the Telegraph today.

Greece was the Goldman Sachs aided Trojan horse that was wheeled into the gates of the EU, and it could very well spell the end of the euro currency once and for all. Should we thank the Greeks for this gift or not?

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  1. Taxes are for slaves and fools. If only that was Greece's problem!

    SYRIZA is the last stronghold of the true Communists in Greece. That's why the KKE s giving them an easy ride.

    Tsipras doesn't need to be blackmailed to ruin the country once elected. Goldman Sachs already paid him off! I was sent this link from Athens so you know they don't believe their own press.


  2. This is the ultimate revenge on Germany. I HOPE THEY ALL VOTE SYRIZA! EURO COLLAPSE AND DISINTIGRATION.

  3. If Greece gets everything it wants, do you really believe that the population will start paying their taxes?No, not a snowballs chance in hell. Getting a Greek to pay tax is like getting blood out of a stone.

  4. If the greek new democracy wins then the people will still revolt. They will just jold another election down the line. Spin and repeat. new democracy or syriza is set to fail. greece is black hole. forget about it…

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