Another Greek Election Six Weeks Later

ATHENS - Greece - The world economy and EU is preparing for another Greek election in six weeks, then one after that, and one after that as well.

“It is true to say that every six weeks we have an election in Greece, where we say that the world economy is being held ransom by a bunch of strutting apes. In reality Greece accounts for a mere 2% of the EU’s GDP, but this is neither here or there, it is a wonderful distraction to what is really going on, like financial f*cking Armegeddon by kicking the can down the road every time,” Alexi Sliltheratis, a Greek political commentator told the Aegean Herald last night.

The Greek farce is an altogether amusing circle of events where one faction is ousted every six weeks, then another is introduced promising great things, then the same people who were first ousted are re-elected. Rinse and repeat, and keep prolonging the misery of ordinary Greeks while you are at it.

Thanks to this ludicrous farce, it is not only the ordinary Greek people who are suffering because Greece is not removed from the Eurozone, but the rest of the world’s economy suffers as well due to the vast increased market volatility.

By the time this is over, your pension should be worth about fifty quid, if you’re lucky, seeing as it is all linked to the stock markets. The longer the madness of a Greek euro is prolonged, the worse the final result will be.

Thanks to the bungling contemptible oafs who claim to be looking after the eurozone, we will all be stuck in this mess until the final chaotic denouement.

See you all in six weeks time, and six weeks after that, and that, and that…

  • Kostas M

    Your article is far out the reality in Greece. First of all, elections are not done every six weeks. It has happened to have two elections becuase of the austerity policies adopted according to instructions of IMF and EU. These austerity policies failed and caused a worse economic situation which is not going to be resolved with more austerity policies.

    Second, as it is described Greece counts for the 2% of the general european debts and this means that other economies also have troubles which are not caused by Greece.

    Article also mentions an unknown Greek politician talking very offensively against political situation in Greece.

    In few words, Readers must realize that the situation which we live today, was not happened because of laziness, but because of the euro-system which soon will make rest european economies to face severe troubles.

    As an economist I would love to see Greece going out of euro-system since two years ago. Unfotunately for me, European Union and our bad politicians want Greece into this system. I hope that this day will eventually come. But do not fall in the trap. Euro monetay system will cause bad troubles to all euro countries. Have a nice day.

  • hellsface

    You cannot polish a turd. Whats the point in giving them more money? Why should I have to pay for it? Get lost! Dump em now.

  • beggers belief

    At least that woman looks happy with her begging bowl I wonder if she will get some good soup in there?