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Athens Last Chance on Last Chance on Last Chance

ATHENS - Greece - The perpetual problem with Greece is set to carry on for another decade or three, Jean Claude Juncker has told news outlets.

“This is the last chance of the last chance saloon in the last chance of the last chance within a massive last chance,” Mr Juncker said yesterday after meeting Greek PM Antonis Samaras.

The Greek Prime Minister was in jovial mood as he was given yet another last chance: “The Germans have given us another chance within another chance, of course we had another chance last week, and the week before that too. They have given us one chance after another. Stupid krauts are giving us another chance, what a bunch of suckers.”

The Greek last chance show will be repeated every few months for the next twenty to thirty years so don’t miss the last chance on the Greek euro question for another chance to catch the last chance.

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