Prince Harry Has Lost His Nazi Uniform Again

LAS VEGAS - USA - Prince Harry has had a dressing down from the royal palace and his army superiors for losing his Nazi uniform again.

“Over and over we tell him to keep his Nazi uniform on but here he is again photographed without it frolicking in the nude. Oh dear Prince Harry, what on earth are we going to do with you?” James Albright, a royal palace spokesman was recorded as saying today by the Daily Telegraph.

Prince Harry also lost his trusty swastika arm band and another one will have to be made up for him when he gets back to Blighty.

“You know these Germans, any chance to take off the old Nazi gear and get stuck in strafing some Yankee bint with his Stuka,” a royal commentator told the BBC today.

Meanwhile, back in Balmoral, Prince Philip was said to be incandescent with rage at the news the young prince had lost his uniform once again.

  • Dianita

    Apparently Prince Harry and his girlfriend never shower together.

    I don't blame her, I wouldn't trust a Nazi's shower either.

  • Kannan

    Prince Harry. Hates pakis, wears nazi unifroms, keeps wanting to return to frontline to shoot rag-heads, flies a helicopter, can shoot, fit girlfriend, enjoys a drink…. Finally – a good role model for the kids.

  • xxxMadam

    Looks like another common FBI-CIA PIMP Political Sextortion: