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Greece to Sell Their Weather

ATHENS - Greece - There is one positive thing the Greeks do have in copious amounts, and that's their hot sunny weather, EU finance ministers are said to be thinking of a valuation.

The Best Antidote to the EU is Greece

PARIS - France - The French want Greece in the euro single currency even if they default, and this is why the European project is doomed to certain failure.

Greece to Bailout U.S.

ATHENS - Greece - Greek finance minister, Vasili Archimalakas, has offered the United States a helping hand in their dire time of need.

Greece Needs Yearly Bailouts

ATHENS - Greece - The new Greek Finance Minister, Evangelos Venizelos, has told the EU and Britain that they expect a bailout every year as long as they're in the eurozone.

EU Orders Greece Name Change

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The head of the EU's Central Bank, Jean-Claude Trichet, has ordered that Greece forfeits their name as well as their sovereign status.

Greece Could Erase Debt Like Iceland

ATHENS - Greece - "What debt? We don't owe anyone anything? You people must be having a larf?" Greece's finance minister told Reuters yesterday.

Carol Vorderman Wants Greece to Consolidate Loans

NORWICH - England - Now that Greece's bonds are valued at junk status, daytime TV loan seller Carol Vorderman has spectacularly stepped in to save the failing Greek economy.

Riots in Greece as Greek Workforce Told to Work

ATHENS - Greece - There were prolonged riots in Greece lasting for over a week, after the Greek prime minister ordered in new 'austerity plans' to try and claw back some of the enormous debts owed by the country's huge budget deficit.

£56 Million Lottery Winner Buys Greece

ATHENS - Greece - After winning the huge Euromillions jackpot last week, Nigel Page and his partner have acquired the country for a knock down price.

The Greek Trojan Horse that Sunk Europe

ATHENS - Greece - As in Virgil's Aeneid, so too has Europe been taken down by the Greeks like the ancient city of Troy.

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