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Greece Needs Yearly Bailouts

ATHENS - Greece - The new Greek Finance Minister, Evangelos Venizelos, has told the EU and Britain that they expect a bailout every year as long as they're in the eurozone.

Speaking on Saturday, Mr. Venizelos, said: “We will expect a bailout every year for as long as it takes. As Greece has no industry or technological commerce, we rely solely on olive oil and tourism, which brings in barely enough money into the economy to pay for sundry items. The mediocre industry, accompanied with mass tax avoidance, nepotism, early retirement, and widespread corruption will ensure that the EU countries will have to pay for our country forever. We expect at least 150 billion euros per annum just to service our debts and keep us barely above water. If you refuse to pay us, we’ll take you all under with us. Those are your options.”

Greece’s perpetual bailouts will ensure that the EU will get a prompt bill every year around the month of June.

“It’s the same old cycle. Every year after May, there are sudden news reports of Greek and EU officials denying that there is anything wrong. Then the riots start. That’s when the euro, world stock market and general sentiment drop at an accelerated rate. Then you get the same old murmurs, and the EU is forced to come in with a substantial amount of dough just to prop up the black cash hole. Once the can is kicked further down the road, repeat and rinse every year. Simple(s),” a fed up German taxpayer told the Berlin Times.

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  1. Greece is a leech upon Europe, a parasite that needs to be burned off with a cigarette. Until that is done, the euro cannot go on.

  2. what kind of stupid cunt owns greek debt? serves them right, cant just blame the hoe, the pimp is at fault too. as is the punter come to think of it.

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