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New Jackass 4D Movie Way Too Realistic Say Audience

LOS ANGELES - USA - The latest installment of the Jackass franchise movies is said to be so realistic that some cinemagoers are actually afraid to attend theatres where the film is being shown.

“I thought the car was coming straight for me, it was so realistic I had to duck out of the f*cking way,” a cinema patron told Hollywood Week.

Sponsored by a bourbon whiskey company from somewhere down south, the new Jackass 4D Reality film’s North American release has wowed audiences from Alabama to Saskatchewan.

The film’s producer, Avidor Nagelberger said: “This time we went so far that some of our cast members and audience got splatted for real. Don’t try these stunts at home kids or you too could end up like a well done steak. Oh, and remember folks, don’t drink and drive, because we don’t care if you kill yourself, its the innocent people you take with you that is the real tragedy. That’s your lesson in morality for today, you know how all American films have to have some moral treatise at the end of every movie, well, that’s our message to you guys, so go home tonight and drive safe folks.”

The Jackass 4D Reality film will be released in the UK in November 2011.

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  1. This is what is wrong with America where people can get paid huge amounts of money for being idiots and no talent wasters with no skills. Dumbed down pricks that guy deserved to die its a good thing he didnt kill any innocent people.

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