Greek Torpedo Port Side

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The good ship euro has taken a huge torpedo hit to its hull and is sinking fast taking the European and world economy down with it, all thanks to a sneaky torpedo from a Greek submarine lurking in the waters.

Captains of the Euro ship, Merkel and Sarkozy, didn’t even get a chance to signal an SOS, as the first silo of Greek torpedoes hit the port side earlier on this morning.

“We were on the deck singing one of our great hymns to the EU, ‘Deutschland über alles’ when an almighty crash happened. Sarko was lifted into the air and I caught the little blighter in my arms. It was all hands on deck for sure,” Kapitän Merkel squealed.

Is it really all over for the good ship EU?

There are many questions to answer, like why did they allow Greece into the eurozone in the first place, and why did they not stop the contagion immediately by chucking them out?

Like the Titanic, the answers will go to the bottom of the ocean and be entombed for a very long time amongst the fishes and crabs of the Atlantic.

Au revoir Merkozy. You will not be missed.

  • Look at the chart for payroll

    I could not believe that when I saw it. The Greeks were on a permanent holiday. No wonder they're going to hell and taking us with them. They should be cut loose immediately. Let them rot because to keep them in the EU would be suicide for Europe.

  • Opinion

    Be careful – the most profit out of the EU is produced for corporations and banks. They control the EU-commission. They abuse medias to manipulate people in order to post such comments – so behind the scenes – assuming greek people also received something injustice (eg. pensions for dead relatives) – the profits are at least twentyfold higher for the corporations / banks.

    They manipulate you that you want to go to war – please leave that thougt behind you – it won't solve anything.

    The big european problem is the EU in the way it is abused nowadays.

    And at the end the big problem lies within us, because if nobody would accept that authority it won't have any power on us.

    People Unite!


    I hope Greece sinks Europe and the world. I'm going to watch financial armegeddon from my tv and relax witha beer and some popcorn.

    This is better then any Hollywood movie.

    Let Anarchy RULE!!

  • Anonymous


    PAY UP OR GO TO WAR!!!!!!!!!!

  • Klaus

    This is why no one should do business with the corrpt liar greekies. they say one thing to your face then do another . they are liars and thieves equivelant to the nigerians of europe. They should be left to rot and noone should do business with them again. you cannot trust such people.

  • Achtung!

    Merkel should send in the storm troopers. Greeks will pay up or this could be war.

  • scum of europe

    greece is not that important they think they can ransom the rest of the world with their shitty country. the eu should crush them like a cockroach.

  • Burp

    It's spelled "lose" you Greek loser. Shoulda booted your asses into default months ago.

  • Ελληνική ήρωας

    We Greeks have democracy you English do not so fuck you to go. We win you loose!!!!!!! Σας να τρώνε μου όλα τουαλέτας