Daily Squib Gets the Dreaded Lurgy For a Day

LONDON - England - The Daily Squib newspaper was at the centre of a major hacking operation today and would like to apologise to our esteemed readers for any inconvenience caused.

“I was sitting sweating in a corner all day as I kept checking to see if the Squib was up again. I needed my Juvenalian fix of that wonderful satire. I am so happy they’re now back, it’s like seeing the wart has grown back again on the end of my nose.” Joel Smudger, an avid Squib fan from Stoke on Trent wrote on his blog about widgets in tin cans.

Others were not so happy about the Daily Squib surviving the cyber attack.

“The Squib, Squid, whatever mate, when’s the new X Factor on, innit?”

Another Squib reader from Adelaide, Australia, Rupert Murdoch, said: “The Daily Squib may have survived the malicious attack this time, but wait until I set my NOTW hackers on them. Of course, I don’t know anything about hacking, nah, not me.”

A spokesman for internet giant google said: “One of the best sites on the internet(s) was infected with the lurgy today, we don’t mean Google, we mean the Daily Squib of course. Thankfully they’ve flushed the vile bit of code out that infected their script and readers are now free to view the site. All 25 of you Squib fans can now view the site without the lurgy infecting you.”

This was not a public service announcement.