The Best Antidote to the EU is Greece

PARIS - France - The French want Greece in the euro single currency even if they default, and this is why the European project is doomed to certain failure.

The best way for the EU to be reduced to a smouldering wreck is for Greece to stay in the euro. We should be encouraging this because it will mean that they will drag the rest of Europe down into the mire. Hades will be a welcome sight to the French and Germans after they are dragged through the broken glass by their goolies and splattered on the rocks of the Aegean.

“We want Greece to stay in the euro currency because they’re like a tumour growing inside the EU. They’re like a Trojan cancer spreading from country to country. The French will defend Greece to the end even though the Greeks have literally shat in their frog leg soup. It’s not just the frogs who will hopefully be dragged down but the Krauts as well, we all know they’ll get sucked under too. They’ve already bailed the Greeks out twice and because Greeks don’t pay tax and live off EU subsidies, their country is not sustainable economically. Greece will take them all down, because the eurocrats are blinded by their decision to keep Greece in the euro,” Jim Hedger, a staunch eurosceptic MEP told the Guardian.

When Greece defaults and is still allowed to stay in the euro currency, there will be an interim period of rejoicing from the eurocrats, but this will be short lived, because the Greeks will simply repeat their profligacy and ask for more money at a later date.

“The Greeks will have their debt wiped out. Then they will be rewarded by being given more money from Germany and told that they can stay in the euro. That’s like telling the malignant tumour that is stuck inside of your body that it can stay there and create more trouble by spreading instead of letting the surgeon cut it out and letting your body recover. Greece will take the EU down and the delusional leeches that are siphoning off every morsel of cash from the destitute taxpayers of Europe will be stripped of their cash cow forever,” Joel Mancini, an EU political commentator told Newsweek.

Unfortunately, the only people who will suffer when the pack of cards finally fall will be everyone but the super-rich. The statesmen and grotesquely rich business people who have plundered the population for so long, will simply enter their luxury shelters or exclusive islands, and watch the show kick off from afar. For the ordinary civilians, it is best to stock up with as many supplies as you can find and leave the cities for remote areas in the country. When the marauding gangs are searching for food and water in the hell hole cities, you and your family want to be as far away from them as possible.

You don’t think for one second that the likes of Mandy and Blair will stick around in the cities do you? They will encamp to some super rich playground in Montenegro and watch the fireworks go off, only emerging once the wars have died down in about ten or fifteen years.

The Greeks should be applauded because they have brought down Europe with one single blow, they did not have to send an army of pom pom sporting dancers carrying 1970s issue rifles to attack the EU, they instead took the money from the rich EU states and spent it all without recourse.

Greece have done a wonderful job with the EU in bringing it to its knees, but unfortunately, the thick heads at the top of the EU are morons and will need to be completely destroyed until they finally get the message. If you are a eurosceptic, you should be hoping that Greece stays in and is allowed to finish the job it started.

As the Achilles heel bleeds all over the place, so too does the mortally wounded EU. The Greeks should be praised for their sheer balls in taking the EU for a ride, then destroying their dream of an EU super state and having the cheek to pretend that they did nothing wrong in the first place.