IMF’d: Even Drudge Report Starts Repeating Daily Squib Headlines From 2010

LONDON - England - With news coming through the wires that the IMF needs a bailout itself, Daily Squib writers have been walking around our illustrious offices with their heads in their hands in utter disbelief that reality has caught up with some of their stories.

“I wrote this IMF bailout story back in 2010 and of course, in the spirit of the Squib it was totally tongue in cheek. I just looked at the headlines on the internets today and realise that what I foresaw in 2010 has become reality,” Frederico Mullet, one of our writers said from his toilet cubicle.

Many people on the internet agree that the Daily Squib comes up with the goods sometimes years in advance, and if you want to know the future, read the Squib.

“Yes, I have to say whenever I want to know what is going to happen I read the Daily Squib. They seem to have a good understanding of what is happening now and what is likely to happen in the near future. The ‘IMF Needs Emergency Bailout‘ story is a good example of this very fact. Today’s Drudge headline points to a report by the Telegraph where the new IMF chief, Christine Lagarde, starts bawling uncontrollably at the folly of the whole terrible situation. Naturally, when the Squib wrote the piece, DSK was still head of the IMF, and even the canny Squib could not ever predict he would be later ousted from his job for ‘allegedly’ raping a chamber maid. I’ve had the old reptile on the blower shouting at me that he wants the Times to predict the future like the Squib, I told the old dalek that we’ve tried and tried dozens of times but can’t do it. His son then told me to bug whoever or whatever it takes to get the stories,” Robbie McJenkem, editor in chief of the Times wrote today.