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Matt Drudge Stars in New Tarantino Film

LOS ANGELES - USA - One of the stars in the new Tarantino film that is taking the American box office by storm is the secretive news aggregator journalist, Matt Drudge.

IMF’d: Even Drudge Report Starts Repeating Daily Squib Headlines From 2010

LONDON - England - With news coming through the wires that the IMF needs a bailout itself, Daily Squib writers have been walking around our illustrious offices with their heads in their hands in utter disbelief that reality has caught up with some of their stories.

20 MPH Winds Batter New York City

NEW YORK - USA - Fearful Americans were running in all directions today as it was feared that 20 MPH winds would be travelling through the skyscrapers of the Big Apple.

Western World Shocked That Terror Atrocity Not Muslim

OSLO - Norway - There were cries of disbelief over the whole Western world and media when a crazed gun rampage and bomb was not committed by a Muslim terror organisation.

Barack Obama Never Existed Claims Un-Birther

LAS VEGAS - USA - The 'un-birthers' movement is gaining momentum nationally across America and are now claiming that Barack Hussein Obama might not have ever been born at all.

Hillary Clinton to be Given Job as White House Intern

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Democratic presidential candidate, Barack Obama has offered Hillary Clinton a job as the White House intern when he becomes president of the United States.

Drudge Report Puts Prince Harry in Afghan Warzone Danger

HELMAND PROVINCE - Afghanistan - Prince Harry has been put in extreme danger by the headline crazy American Matt Drudge after revealing the Prince's whereabouts on his tour of duty in the Afghan warzone.

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