Matt Drudge Stars in New Tarantino Film

LOS ANGELES - USA - One of the stars in the new Tarantino film that is taking the American box office by storm is the secretive news aggregator journalist, Matt Drudge.

Quentin Tarantino’s latest revenge flick is a tour de force of the usual violence found within a Tarantino film, but having a journalist like Matt Drudge in ‘Django Unchained’ was crucial to the plot line.

“Django Unchained is one of my usual revenge flicks where I take a genre of cinema, put Samual L. Jackson in it, steal as many scenes and characters as I can from as many movies as possible, slap in a moral revenge stance to the plot line, Samual L. Jackson anyone? Then smack in the usual cool one liners gracing all my movies and the same ol’ 50s LA surfer Spaghetti Western guitar music with some stinkin’ Mexican burritos, all mixed in a big f*cking bucket full of hardcore gratuitous violence Matt Drudge and n*gger words and don’t forget even more frickin’ Samual L. Jackson. It’s like Kill Bill meets Inglourious Basterds meets thousands of B movies and thousands of B movie characters slapped into one then stripped through a meat grinder and deposited out as a patty to be grilled and served up in a motherf*ckin’ bun to the audience who will eat up that Royale with cheese like it’s the best shit hoppin’ thing this side of Mulholland Drive,” Tarantino said from his Hollywood hills mansion on Wednesday.

Matt Drudge was chosen out of hundreds of actors because of his love for Barack Obama and the lovely things he says about African Americans on his news aggregation site.

“I met Matt at a diner in Studio City, and I saw him across the way and all he was saying was the ‘n’ word literally every five seconds. I had to hire him right there and then without an audition. I told him I was doing this epic revenge movie where a black man gets revenge on whitey and the slave trade, and he was going to be one of the people who gets it. At first he laughed and declined the role but when I told him he could say the ‘n’ word on screen hundreds of times without getting into sh*t and paid for it, he agreed immediately,” Tarantino recalled.