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New Study: Americans Are Deadly When They Get Angry

CONNECTICUT - USA - A new research paper at the Anger Institute of America has released its latest study outlining the difference between American anger and the rest of the world.

“In America if you get angry then you get some mail order heavy weaponry and go on a rampage in an elementary school. If anyone else gets angry in any other country around the world, then there may be a little shouting here or there but that’s pretty much it,” professor Julius Estevan, told the Limpet Medical Journal where the research paper was published.

The amount of mass shootings that occur in America on a regular basis are testament to the angry violent nature of American society, where children are drugged from birth on drugs like Ritalin, Paxil and Zoloft and are brought up on explicitly violent films and games. The report outlines how there is huge pressure on Americans to perform at high levels in all aspects of life and if someone does not perform, they are left behind and dropped from society.

“We found that America’s extreme competitive consumer society can be a killer as well because if you’re not a good work horse you are immediately superseded and replaced by someone else. From a young age there is so much pressure on youngsters that many are put on medication. In America if you’re too happy, there’s a drug to counteract that, if you’re shy there’s a drug for that too, and if you’re a normal child who likes to play and flit around from one thing to the next, then you will be drugged as well. For every child’s behaviour pattern there is a psychiatric term created by the pharmaceutical companies so that the parents can be told by their doctors and teachers that their child needs to be normalised with certain permanently mind altering drugs. This ‘normalisation’ creates erratic behaviour and major personality defects which then manifest in gun rampages in American schools,” another researcher on the team revealed.

Taking one look at all forms of American media, one will see a penchant for displays of violence that is unrivalled and not displayed in any other culture in the world. In American culture, extreme violence is applauded and celebrated whilst a snippet of nudity is frowned upon. This constant violent mindset creates apathy within the populations, as well as a total disregard for all human life. If you can kill thousands of brown people in some Middle Eastern country from thirty thousand feet by pressing a button in Arkansas, real life becomes a video game.

It’s not just the random violence, it is also the fear of living in a society where at any moment your children can be taken away from you forever by some crazed nutter with a gun. No school, mall, house or road is safe because the gunmen are there to shoot you or your loved ones at any time. The hypocritical celebrities  jump on the bandwagon and want to tell everyone to put down their guns but everyone just sees these people for what they are.

Naturally, American gun rampages on children are an excellent example of the Hegelian Dialectic at work and how the anti-gun lobby utilise stories of mass shootings for their agenda.

First you create the problem, then you provoke a reaction from the public, then you come in with the solution. Obama wants his second term as the final nail in the coffin for Americans who bear arms and he will go to any lengths to get it — even fake crying on TV. The Second Amendment must be destroyed and he will finish his job because there will be a public outcry at the horror of it all.

“Shooting people is an industry in America. This is part of our history and heritage. The Wild West was built from gun smoke and lead. You take away our guns, and you take away the soul of America. Our guns are insurance against tyranny. Obama wants to take away the people’s right to defence against the heavily armed and brutal police forces and criminals across America. If he succeeds, then America will not be America anymore, and we will defend our nation from tyranny, from outside and from within,” a pro gun lobbyist told CBS news from Sandy Hook Elementary school, Connecticut.

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  1. This child killing was an Illuminati ritual. The author of Hunger Games Suzanne Collins lives in Sandy Hook where the child massacre took place. Symbolic false flag for GUN CONTROL .


    Scroll down on the wiki link to see she lives in Sandy Hook Connecticut. It's all coming into place now . Illuminati signal.

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