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A Festive Gangnam Sewage Song For Our Readers

LONDON - England - It's that wonderful time of year again in austerity Britain in the freezing wet rain, you may be penniless and cold and wet but there is of course some comfort, and that's a nice Gangnam song from the sewers of our great capital.

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It’s not just under the House of Commons where the sewer blockages occur but all across the capital the ancient Victorian brick sewers are under strain from extreme sewer abuse day in day out.

“The amount of crap that comes from the Houses of Parliament is immense, but that’s nothing what comes from underneath the Daily Squib offices, absolutely disgusting, I’ve been doing this for forty odd years and it still makes me nose quiver, innit?” Reggie Munter, one of the sewer workers for Thames Water told the BBC.

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