Hurricane Sandy Comes to Sandy Hook This Christmas

CONNECTICUT - USA - Is Sandy Hook the American version of the Dunblane school massacre on 13 March 1996, which was the catalyst that caused the ban on all privately owned hand held firearms in UK?

“When the ATF and Police come knocking on your door to hand over all your firearms, you will hand them over calmly, then you will fill in a form which will enable you to get some kind of governmental compensation for your weapons. It won’t be much but at least you will be doing your bit to clean up the United States of America once and for all. God bless our nation. We will not tolerate an armed public any more. If you do not hand over all of your now illegal weapons, we will be forced to arrest you and remove your weapons forcibly. Thank you for your cooperation,” Lieutenant John Albright, is practising what he is going to say to citizens in the neighbourhood where he will be ordered to go soon.

America is slowly waking up to the fact that gun control is going to be a certainty soon and that citizens will have to hand over all of their weapons.

“Obama’s first term was about destroying the Fourth Amendment, and he did that with TSA searches. Now, his second term will be about destroying the Second Amendment. The question is, will the American people hand over their cherished weaponry without some kind of fight, or could there be elements of civil war? We will not know until the heavily armoured trucks and armed troops descend onto our streets and order you to hand over your guns,” a political expert in Capitol Hill revealed yesterday.

One of Obama’s policy makers said yesterday: “We cannot have an armed people any more. The collectivisation of America must continue with an unarmed harmless defenceless population, not a population that can fight back. The only people who should be armed is the law. That’s it.”