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First Photo of Policeman in Mitchell Plebgate Scandal

LONDON - England - The Daily Squib has secured the only photo of the policeman at the centre of the Plebgate fiasco that has gripped Whitehall and the country for the past months.

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“This policeman stitched up Andrew Mitchell well good but now we’ve got a pic of the policeman himself from the Downing Street CCTV and soon his name will be released to the press,” Jonty McFarlan, a Westminster insider revealed today.

The policeman was arrested by unbent coppers this morning on charges relating to allegations of “conspiracy” to give false information about the argument between Mr Mitchell and police in September.

“He’s a nasty piece of work and got the chief whip whipped, but I am glad to say that justice may soon be restored with the reinstatement of my esteemed friend and colleague, Andrew Mitchell, as the chief whip of the Conservative party once again,” David Cameron said today from Downing Street.

If anyone knows the policeman’s name please send a stamp addressed envelope stuffed with cash to: Labour Party Headquarters, Westminster, SW1H 0RH

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