2013 Mayan Calendar Now On Sale

OAXACA - Mexico - People all over the world are rushing to buy the 2013 Mayan calendar before the Mayan apocalypse starts tomorrow on the 21st December 2012.

“I just bought my copy of the 2013 Mayan calendar and can’t wait to flick each page over every month of next year,” Darla Sentermin, a college student from Canterbury, England told the BBC.

In France, there were thousands queuing up for hours to buy the 2013 Mayan calendar.

“I am optimistic that I will be able to use my 2013 Mayan calendar even though I might not be around tomorrow,” Julien Poncie, from the French city of Strasbourg, told local radio stations.

A Russian man who had built a bunker in his Moscow suburb apartment in preparation for the coming Mayan apocalypse tomorrow said: “I bought the 2013 Mayan calendar as a way to remind myself of what days would come after the apocalypse has happened.”