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Barack Obama Never Existed Claims Un-Birther

LAS VEGAS - USA - The 'un-birthers' movement is gaining momentum nationally across America and are now claiming that Barack Hussein Obama might not have ever been born at all.

They’re called the un-birthers and they think that Barack Hussein Obama was never born in the first place.

“We don’t believe the president exists and what’s more, we don’t know who’s in charge of the United States right now,” Ronald Jeremiah, an un-birther from Chicago told CNN.

The new un-birther movement has taken the internet and media by storm, and all of today there were constant Drudge report headlines with the latest un-birther news about Obama’s non-existence.

“Who’s Barack Obama?”

“Forget about Honolulu or Kenya, we don’t think there is such a thing as Barack Obama. We think that he never existed or was born. We’re not looking for a birth certificate because you can’t have one if you’ve never existed and do not exist right now, or at anytime in the past or future. If he had existed, there would be no cause to think that he exists in this dimension or in another dimension, whether we adopt the principles of particle physics or string theory or whatever crazy ass theory some guy from MIT comes up with. Who knows? Here, have another cream soda,” Professor Elohim Bandersnatch, head of the un-birthing movement, said in a recent address at Capitol Hill.

One thing that sadly does exist however is Donald Trump.

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