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"My Big Fat Super-Injunction" Film Box Office Hit

LONDON - England - The new film release starring many top British stars is set to become a box office hit this summer.

Although we can’t name any of the stars in the film, and most of their faces will be blacked out during the three hour performance, the new film is already a big hit with cinema audiences.

“Gagging For It”

“Even though I don’t know who the people in the film are, I think it has a nice plot to it, and I can see it becoming a hit with many people who go to see it,” Jane Tavares, a fan of the new film told the Evening Standard.

The plot of My Big Fat Super-Injunction centres around the popular practice amongst British celebrities and other well-known rich people, who got to court to get gagging orders that prohibit any news or media outlets, or anyone on the internet, from publishing their names, their faces, or their voices.

“I love it. This man with a big crooked smile on his face, an expensive pin stripe suit and a shotgun slung over his shoulder saunters onto the screen in one scene and cackles like a hyena. His eyes are blacked out and he’s got all this money falling out of his pockets,” Arbie Esse, a keen cinema-goer from London told the Daily Mail.

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