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Brain Illness Could Have Affected Gordon Brown's Actions, Secret Diaries Reveal

LONDON - England - Newly released diaries from one of Gordon Brown's personal aides suggest that, in Brown's case, illness could have helped to contribute to the paranoia and ruthlessness of his rule over Britain.

In what could be another fascinating insight into the inner world of Gordon Brown, purported excerpts from the secret diaries of Peter Mandelson, one of the most unpleasant and bloodthirsty members of Brown’s inner circle, also surfaced this week. The Mandy diaries, excerpts of which appeared the Daily Mirror, are to be released by a controversial publishing house that has previously published books whitewashing Brown-era crimes, and there is no independent verification yet that they are genuine. If they are, they would prove invaluable to historians as an insight into the warped mind of Mandelson as well as into the inner workings of the Nu-Labour hierarchy.

“We all know that Gordon was a paranoid, vindictive, medicated mess, a madman flailing around in the dark and someone who has taken us back to the dark ages with the economy he has left behind, but he may have been mentally ill, that’s why we should forgive the fucker,” Stewart Allin, a Westminster poltical commentator told the BBC.

Extracts from the diaries

Ed Balls

* “I would suggest that the cruelty and suspicion of Brown, his desire to punish the population… was created to a large extent by his deeply paranoid and insular character. The country was being run, in effect, by a sick man.”

* “Brown scared people. One minute he would be gurning inanely with a glassy eyed stare, the next he’d be shaking his huge fist and ranting madly whilst foaming at the mouth like a rabid Scottish elk.”

Peter Mandelson

* “I remember the picnics Bottler [Brown] and I had in 2008. He with his big hulking fists, and me all young and thin, in a shirt with an open collar, chopping wood for the fire. And fresh trout. It was good back then.”

* “Today I saw tears in Bottler’s eyes for the first time. I told him about the Glasgow East by-election, about how people are fighting. When I reach that point, I just swear a lot and feel better. But he tries to keep it together, and what about his heart? He couldn’t hold it in.”

* “Bottler got completely drunk and lost the plot. He was effing and blinding then locked himself in the bunker with a Colt 45 and some DVDs that Obama gave him as a present.”

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