Yanks Moaning About Petrol Prices Again

TEXAS - USA - Americans are moaning about paying paltry prices for their petrol whilst the Brits aren't even saying a word, even though they're paying 89% fuel tax on top of huge rises in oil prices.

“Americans are moaning about paying $5 per gallon when if they lived in the UK they would be paying $16 for a gallon. You try filling up your crappy Datsun and paying £85 to do so in England whilst the Americans fill their massive cars up for a fraction of the price,” a disgruntled British driver told the Times.

It’s the same all over the UK, petrol prices are so high now in some rural areas that people are simply opting to dump their cars and walk for miles. Petrol stations nationwide in the UK are now regularly charging over £7.60 per gallon for regular unleaded petrol, and of course this all translates to goods delivered to shops, where the cost of delivery is passed on to the already overstretched consumer.

“I haven’t paid those prices the Yanks are moaning about since 1983. What are the Yanks blubbing about? Cry me a f*cking river,” Alfie Noakes, 56, a baker from Yorkshire told the Sun.

Another British motorist said: “I would give my left arm to pay the same prices the Americans are paying. Now it costs £160 ($263) to fill my car up. I’ve just re-mortgaged my house so I could stay on the road for a few more months.”