Hillary Clinton to be Given Job as White House Intern

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Democratic presidential candidate, Barack Obama has offered Hillary Clinton a job as the White House intern when he becomes president of the United States.

After winning the much-coveted nomination for the Democrat party, Barack Obama has extended an olive branch to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton by offering her the position of White House intern once he gets into the White House.

Political analyst, Alma Spunkmeyer writing in the Washington Daily Chronicle thinks that Mrs Clinton will be “disappointed at not getting the Vice President job”, but will be glad to be back in the White House anyway.

Throughout the last four months there has been much back-biting and bad blood between the two candidates but this gesture from Obama is seen to be the catalyst that will heal the wounds that have been inflicted during the primaries.

“You never know, she may even be able to pay off some of the money she owes. Interns do not really get a salary but she can always do favours for White House staff and maybe earn some pocket money. I’m not sure though if she will be able to claw back the $30 million campaign debt though,” a senior White House staffer was quoted as saying on the Drudge Report.

Hillary will be required to attend special meetings at the White House but will not be allowed to wear a blue dress. She will also be responsible for keeping the White House cigars fresh and in good supply for staffers.