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Lord Lamont Responds to the IMF Scaremongering Propaganda

LONDON - England - In response to the IMF's further bout of scaremongering, Lord Lamont firmly puts the Institution in its place.

EU-Funded IMF Being Used to Bully the British people

LONDON - England - Further IMF scaremongering from Christine Lagarde is firmly debunked.

Greek Default As IMF Threatens to Pull Out Third Bailout

ATHENS - Greece - The IMF's Christine Lagarde, is threatening to pull out of a third Greek bailout, which will create another default situation for the ailing debt ridden country.

IMF Talking Britain Down Again Resorting to Scare Tactics

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The IMF has today published the 'World Economic Outlook' for April 2016 and resorted to talking down Britain's prospects out of the EU.

IMF Chief Lagarde to Holiday in Greece

NEW YORK - USA - The International Monetary Fund's head, Christine Lagarde is to vacation on the Aegean coast, her press office has revealed.

IMF’d: Even Drudge Report Starts Repeating Daily Squib Headlines From 2010

LONDON - England - With news coming through the wires that the IMF needs a bailout itself, Daily Squib writers have been walking around our illustrious offices with their heads in their hands in utter disbelief that reality has caught up with some of their stories.

IMF Needs Emergency Bailout

WASHINGTON DC - USA - The IMF needs a massive bailout, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the managing director, has told the Herald Tribune.

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