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Greece to Sell Their Weather

ATHENS - Greece - There is one positive thing the Greeks do have in copious amounts, and that's their hot sunny weather, EU finance ministers are said to be thinking of a valuation.

“The Greeks have absolutely nothing left. They are a destitute people who have spent their way into financial oblivion, but they do have one thing — their great weather,” EU finance bureaucrat, Japseye Scheubles, told the French, Le Figaro newspaper on Friday.

Indeed, out of all of the negative headlines coming from the media, Greece can be proud of one major part of their country, they always get great f*cking weather.

“I don’t have a job, I haven’t eaten in four days, I lost everything including my house, my wife, my business and even my dog, but look at this wonderful weather we’re having. Not a single f*cking cloud in the sky. I think I’m off to the beach,” Stavrou Paplamouomos, a former shopkeeper from Thessaloniki told a local Greek radio station.

European debt collectors who arrived in Greece yesterday from Germany were so taken by the wonderful Greek weather that they all encamped in a villa on the coast and hope to stay there for a few weeks before they decide to refuse paying more money into the infamous Greek debt hole that everyone’s talking so much about.

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  1. Angry Dave 21 hours 58 minutes ago
    I want to personally thank the Greeks for ruining my pension. Thank you very much you c*nts!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Funny that, I decided years ago not to put my money into a pension scheme, but into my property paying off my mortgage 10 years early. Then I sold the lot and liquidated the cash. Now I have a villa on Corfu and cash in the bank. Don't blame the Greeks for your p*** poor decisions and immature financial planning.

  2. Even if all your countries have to go bankrupt you wont be able to buy our weather suckers! You keep believing what the media are claiming! Some things are out of value, and we here in Greece have a lot of these "stuff"! You just on counting your british pounds and dollars in your accounts! 😉

  3. I want to personally thank the Greeks for ruining my pension. Thank you very much you c*nts!!!!!!!!!!!!

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