Greece: The Gift That Keeps Giving

BERLIN - Germany - As the famous quote goes: "Never accept Gifts From Greeks" well, the EU technocrats are finally realising that the Greeks not only love to give gifts but keep on giving them even after the wooden horse has all but disintegrated.

“First we gave them lots of subsidies, like billions of euros which they spent like water without paying an ounce of tax, then when it came to pay they refused and said their creditors should take a haircut of over 70%. Now that they say they want more spending money and no means to pay it back and they still refuse to pay tax. I tell you, Greece is like a case of the clap, it’s the gift that keeps giving,” a Troika member told Bild magazine.

European Union officials want to take over the Greek budget because the Trojan horse bearing Greeks have left a massive bomb within the gates of the EU.

“The Greek economy is a black cash hole where German taxpayers’ money is dumped and never seen again. This is the reality of the situation, because of instances like cleaners in the Athens subsidised subway getting paid 65,000 euros per annum for a two day week. Greeks retire at the age of 45, whereas most Northern Europeans, especially Germans, retire at 67. In other words, Greece is not sustainable as an economy, because they have no industry like Germany, and they rarely pay any form of tax. Witness the riots they have when they are told to pay tax. Greece is the Achilles heel of the EU, and once it is cut free from the EU, the euro will soar so high that even Zeus will get knocked over,” an EU technocrat, speaking from the ECB said.

This is the point of no return for Greece. Either it gives control to the EU Troika and loses complete sovereignty and dignity but with a small chance of paying back its enormous debts, or it is ejected from the EU and left to rot in obscurity and huge debt. The choice is yours. Choose wisely. What would Plato do?