Fred Goodwin Chess Game: Queen Takes Knight

LONDON - England - Former Royal Bank of Scotland CEO, Fred Goodwin, was invited to Buckingham palace today for a game of chess he will never forget.

“He came in as a Sir and left as a lo-ser,” a palace insider disclosed.

According to Buckingham palace staff, Mr Goodwin was directed to a table in the palace’s games room where he was ordered to sit down at a table where the Queen was sitting and play a game of chess.

“It only took a few minutes, when the Queen decimated Fred the Shred’s pawns and rooks. She then swooped down on his bishops and the coup de grace occurred when she used her queen to take his knight. From then on, it was check mate for Fred as his king had no where to go. He threw down his medal on the floor and slunk away out of the room a de-knighted and shredded Fred,” one of the observers at the palace recalled.

Never mind, at least he still gets to keep his taxpayer funded pension of £693,000 per annum.