Third Greek Bailout: Germans Like Throwing Money Down a Bottomless Pit

HAMBURG - Germany - It seems the Germans have a masochistic streak living in their collective psyche, as they are destined to continually pay Greece money that will never be paid back.

“The Greeks need a third bailout? Let us just take tonnes of German taxpayers’ money and dump it in the ocean somewhere. That is what the equivalent would be to this terrible situation and ultimate humiliation. We, the German taxpayers, who work damn hard every day, are working for absolutely nothing. Literally billions of euros are repatriated to prop up Greece every few months. Third bailout, fourth bailout, fifth bailout, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth bailout ad infinitum. This is not a Greek nightmare but a German one,” Hans Hoffer, a business owner from Hamburg told Der Spiegel.

As the trucks roll out of Germany laden with euros, the Germans will line the streets waving goodbye to their hard work.

“You see that truck, that’s years of my hard work going to Greece so that they can spend it on swimming pools and home extensions. Auf Wiedersehen, we will never see you again,” one of the tearful humiliated Germans lining the route told reporters.