US Says Drone Strike on Guardian Newspaper Terror Camp Was Justified

LONDON - England - Terrorist journalist organisation, the Guardian newspaper's terror training camp in the heart of Shoreditch has been neutralised thanks to a drone strike late last night the BBC reported.

“One minute they were sipping their lattes, tapping away at their laptops, the next, there was just rubble and smoke,” a witness to the hellfire missile attack told reporters.

Operation Grauniad has been going on for sometime and is a well coordinated operation to erradicate journalists (terrorists) who oppose the system in any way.


We at the Daily Squib have never endorsed investigative journalism at any time and agree fully the program of mass spying on all citizens by the NSA and GCHQ. Privacy and the concept of freedom of speech is not required in today’s society. This notice was not written while under duress or torture..Aaargh aaargh..aaargh………..nkdaj kdj ak cjkd ckjab ckja c c c c cakc  c c c cka c c cka c……  ….  . . …