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Obama Says Massacres Are Okay For Democracy

MARTHA'S VINEYARD - USA - President Obama took time out from playing golf to explain that massacres are perfectly permissible if that means democracy is installed in Egypt.

“We installed democracy in Iraq by murdering over 1.6 million Iraqis, we are installing democracy in Afghanistan by liquidating half the population there and in Egypt, we have the same mindset of installing democracy by massacring thousands of people in cold blood. We want those backward countries to have the same democracy as we have where your every move, phone call or email is logged and analysed, and where every car journey is tracked and the millions of CCTV cameras as well as drones film you and listen to you in the streets,” President Obama told reporters.

As the blood runs red in Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, this is a sign that democracy is being installed in these nations. It is interesting to note that the little democracy that is left is quickly disappearing in the West, with most of Europe now under control from one central control centre and where mass surveillance of the population is seen as the norm.

Not even George Orwell would have dreamed about how privacy and freedom in the West would be shut down at the levels we have today in the 21st Century prison.

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