Diana Was Murdered?

LONDON - England - When asking the question, was Princess Diana murdered, one must also ask the questions, is the Pope Catholic, and do bears sh*t in the woods?

Chief Inspector Poirot of the French police had this to say about the new Metropolitan Police investigation: “Let us examine the motives here, the mother of the two royal princes was cavorting around with a Pakistani surgeon and an Egyptian. Put that into perspective for one second, mes amis. Do you see where I am going here? That is all you need to know. She was about to marry the Egyptian guy and was pregnant with his child, then boom. It was an immaculate cover up afterwards and the International grief was the perfect smokescreen.”


It is quite surprising that there would be a police investigation when something as ominous as the Diana death theory could cause major ripples within certain circles.

There is no doubt that whoever thought about such an investigation has either got balls of steel or is very, very stupid.

  • Darren

    BULLSHIT Investigation!! There will never be an investigation on Diana. It is impossible. You cannot prosecute those ABOVE the law!!!!!

  • Le Grind

    Diana was murdered that's a crazy suggestion. The fact that 17 CCTV cameras all went down at the same time 25 minutes before the crash took place…the crash site was cleaned up straight after the accident to remove any evidence and there was no investigation into her death is neither here nor there. The ambulance took 2 hours to cover about 3 1/2 miles to the hospital. Whats the problem here? It's not a conspiracy theory these are facts. DYOR