English Defence League Praises Mohamed Farah For Being Greatest British Athlete

LUTON - England - The EDL and BNP, whose mission statement is to eradicate all Muslims from existence, have funnily praised Somali born Muslim athlete Mohamed Farah for winning two gold medals for Britain.

“If he was regular Muslim we’d spit in his fu**ing face, but because he is officially Britain’s best athlete he’s one of us now, innit,” Kev Smith, an EDL protest march organiser told the BBC.

Most British people did not know that Mo Farah’s real first name was Mohamed and such is the hatred for Muslims in the UK, maybe things would have been very different if he openly called himself by his given name.

“We had to make him shorten his name to ‘Mo’ and his career shot up. If he started athletics with the ‘Mohamed’ name he would not get anywhere in the UK however good he was, it is only now that he may dare to reveal his true name but this may ruin his career as well,” Mr Farah’s agent revealed.