George W Bush Now Working As Clown in Travelling Circus

TEXAS - USA - Former president of the United States, George W. Bush has run off from home and is now a clown in a travelling circus his wife has revealed.

“George always had itchy feet. He just can’t stay put, I mean look at the Iraq war, he had to go and stink up that place. I still get a tear in my eye thinking of the day he ran off, he came back from his painting room and said he was so bored of life. The next day a travelling circus came through town. I never saw him so excited, he was like a little boy again. He just jumped up and ran off. That was last month, I ain’t seen him since,” a distraught Laura Bush recalled today on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Dr. R.J. Philips a psychologist explained how some retired people long for a life on the road: “Mr Bush is simply living out his youth. He wants some excitement back in his life and a travelling circus will certainly give it to him especially after his post-war excitement years.”

Dick Cheney and Bush’s old pal Rummy were today appealing for their friend to do the right thing and go back home.

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